Looking for a custom piece?

     Thank you for considering me for your custom artwork! If you're in need of a portrait, landscape, fantasy scene, or anything in between, I'd be happy to create a special painting just for you. It all starts with an email! Contacting me with your idea, is the first step in creating a custom piece. Also I'd like you to take a look at my full gallery, to see examples of my work. 

     We'll discuss every aspect of your painting, and try to hammer out the details together. Once we have a clear vision of the piece, I'll draw up to five preliminary sketches showing different compositions. I want to make sure we both can visually confirm the concept. 

     If you are requesting a portrait of a loved family member or pet, please be prepared to provide as many photos as needed, or to take new photos entirely. The photos you provide will be used my reference and guide for creating the painting. 

     I reserve the right to refuse a commission, based on my personal skill level, preference, or a lack of adequate photos on the customer's part, for a portrait. 


Oil Paintings:

  • 5x7"  $145+
  • 8x10" $275+
  • 11x14" $400+
  • 14x18" $700+
  • 16x20" $900+
  • 18x24" $1,000+

     Your painting's final price may vary, and will depend on things like the level of detail, how many people in a portrait, and the complexity of your commission.


  1. How long does it take?  Anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks. This all varies depending on the size and complexity of the piece, as well as my personal schedule.  If you plan on gifting this painting, and have a deadline, please plan accordingly. All of this will be planned and discussed with you before finalizing the commission purchase. 
  2. Do you charge extra for multiple people/pets? That depends on the overall painting, and how detailed you'd like each person. So yes, and no!
  3. Do you require a deposit? Yes, I'm glad you asked! I require 25% upfront, upon finalizing your design and creation timeline. 
  4. How will I pay you? For commissions, I prefer Paypal. I can also create a listing in my Shop, just for you to use. Taxes may apply. Shipping within the U.S. is free. Upon completion of the painting, the remaining balance for the piece is due within two weeks, or a late fee may be added. I promise I will give ample notice when your painting is nearing it's completion so you can make payment preparations. 
  5. I've paid my deposit, but I've changed my mind. Do I get my money back? Generally, no. This depends on whether or not I've bought supplies, or started creating your piece. (I do not charge for the consultation or preliminary sketches.)
  6. What if I don't like my painting?  I will make any minor adjustments within reason, if possible. Throughout the painting process, I will send regular email updates on your image. This helps us both, by reassuring you that your painting is going as planned, and by saving me time in correcting any areas if needed. Although highly unlikely, in the event that you are unhappy with your final painting, or a painting in progress, your deposit will not be refunded. At this point I have put my time, skills, and love into the painting. If we truly cannot agree on corrections to be made, I reserve the right to end the commission.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, at, with any other questions!